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Yearning to travel but stuck at home? No Problem! This class is all about utilizing fun and simple illustration techniques to draw an imaginary boarding pass to your dream city to while you anticipate (aka agonizing wait for) your future trips. We will start with a list of things, places, or people that you want to visit. Research our references. Sketch on iPad in Procreate, and bring life to our sketches with colors and texture. We will work on topics of composition, color harmony, and non-destructive techniques, etc. that make your art more adaptable. These skills are assets that you can easily apply for your future illustration projects on other topics.

The final project can be printed on to a postcard to send to your loved ones. You can also use some elements to be framed as wall art. Last but not least, you could use it as a Zoom background just to drop a PTO hint to your boss. Who knows, this could be just what the doctor prescribed.
This class is great for anyone who can hold a pen and doesn't mind dreaming a little.

Consider this class a delicious dose of placebo for your wandering heart.


Class Trailer
Brush Audition
How to Customize Gesture Controls
How to Set Up a QuickMenu for Select Brushes
How to Use QuickMenu On the Fly
Inspirations and Colors
Making a Bucket List
Researching Visual References
Creating Moodboard
Sketching Techniques
Basics of Composition
How to Optimizing Your Brush for Sketching
Inking Simple and Advanced Elements
Basic Layer Techniques: Layer Mask, Clipping Mask
Implementing Non-Destructive Techniques
Adding Textures
Basics of Adding Textures