Learning how to learn: brain hacks that actually work
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Memory, Learning skills, Speed reading, Focus skills, IQ emporement

All in one :
While I could have made it in several courses, in this single course you will learn every action known to man as of February 2019 to develop a legendary memory, incredible creativity, ninja like focus, uncanny reading speed and comprehension and 1 in a million like IQ. That's it all in one course, no marketing for other course, no buying other books webinars or whatever. No BS. Take this course, EXERCISE, put in PRACTICE and watch your new life unfold.
This course is unique:
Why? Because it comes from the real world!
Here, you will find some techniques that are totally novel and others that are described elsewhere and that have been tweaked. However, the one thing that truly sets this course apart is that it comes from the real world! It's the result of 10 years of using various techniques to learn and teach very dense and complex material, which led me to give up techniques that simply didn't work (and that continue to be widely celebrated out there), tweak and hack techniques that needed modification to be suited for real life (for e.g. some memory champions use certain techniques to memorize 200 digits of pie, how is that going to help me in my daily life?) and come up with techniques that are new altogether.
Another thing that sets this course apart is that, in most books, it's all about speed, speed reading, speed memorization, how to learn this or that in 24 hours. Although this course heavily emphasizes about speed and time saving tricks, it's also about making the learning experience FUN and enjoyable!
So this course is to the point, with only tips that do work no crazy promises, no magic pill. I'm the doctor the pill that does work, so trust me!

Accessing the powers of your brain (let's call it brainbuilding) is a lot like bodybuilding in that it needs a lot of practice (actually it's a bit easier than bodybuilding, in that certain tricks do give you instant result). Still you need a lot of practice and this is why this course isn't all about theoretical principles and is filled with examples and exercises, because we learn by DOING (and that would be your first lesson).

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