SOFTWARE VERSION : 4.0.0 , Build : 8059, SQL : 905 // LATEST

Administrative Control
[IMG]Moderation Tools for Everything
[IMG]Currency & Language Tools
[IMG]Unlimited Depth Category System
[IMG]Custom Fees Matrix Manager
[IMG]Payment Modules Manager
[IMG]Referrals & Verification Manager
[IMG]Email & Notifications Manager
Listing Formats
[IMG]Single seller mode
[IMG]Multiple seller mode
[IMG]Forward Auction
[IMG]Buy Now / Fixed Price
[IMG]Multiple Item Bulk Upload
[IMG]Reverse Auction / RFQ
[IMG]Want Ads / Classifieds
[IMG]Public Events
[IMG]Non Profits Event
[IMG]Lowest Unique Bid Event
Feedback & Ratings
[IMG]Give & Leave Feedback
[IMG]Feedback Criteria Manager
[IMG]Feedback Display on Profiles
[IMG]Full-text Boolean Searching
[IMG]Budget/Price Range Searching
[IMG]In Title & Descriptions Searching
[IMG]Photos & No Photo Searching
[IMG]Search by Country/State/City
[IMG]Distance & Radius Searching
[IMG]Items From/Available to Searching
[IMG]Industry Skills Searching
Email Management
[IMG]Add, Edit & Remove Email Templates
[IMG]Group Emails into Departments
[IMG]Import & Export Email Templates
[IMG]Email Templates Dispatch Preview
[IMG]Search & Find Email Templates
[IMG]Associate Emails to User Roles
Shipping & Delivery
[IMG]Handling fee supported
[IMG]Multiple Shipping and Fee Support
[IMG]Digital Item Download Supported
[IMG]Multiple shipping partners and rates
[IMG]Additional item per cost matrix
Public & Private Messages
[IMG]Public Messages on Listings
[IMG]Private Messages Manager
Content Management System
[IMG]Manage Important Articles
[IMG]Style/CSS Management
[IMG]Email Template Management
[IMG]Language Phrase Management
[IMG]Template Blocks Visibility
Client Side Interface
[IMG]Quick or Long Registration
[IMG]Accounting Dashboard
[IMG]Preferences Dashboard
[IMG]Wach list & Activity Management
[IMG]RSS Feeds
[IMG]Free/paid Membership System
Buying Features
[IMG]Featured Listing Placement
[IMG]Configurable Budget Range Selectors
[IMG]Upload file, image or video attachments
[IMG]Automated Buying Reminders
[IMG]Transfer Listing Ownership
[IMG]Buying Activity Manager
Bidding & Tools
[IMG]Bid Activity Manager
[IMG]Shortlist Bidders
[IMG]Award Bid / Decline Bid
[IMG]Bidding Privacy (sealed, blind, full privacy)
[IMG]Bid Filter Permissions (age, region, etc)
[IMG]Flexible bid types (per LOT, weight, hour, etc)
[IMG]Proxy Bidding Agent (auto-bidder)
[IMG]Bid Increment Manager (+per category)
[IMG]Anti-Bid Sniping Tool (+per category)
Photos / Attachments
[IMG]Photo Resizer
[IMG]Built-in Watermarking
[IMG]Workspace file manager
[IMG]Attachment limit manager
[IMG]Thumbnail file manager
[IMG]Listing pages slideshow
[IMG]List / gallery view mode
Saved Lists / Notifications
[IMG]Save your Search (+Criteria)
[IMG]Email notify of listings via Categories
[IMG]Add to Watch list
Languages Management
[IMG]Add, Edit & Remove Phrases
[IMG]Group Phrases into Departments
[IMG]Import & Export Phrases
[IMG]Author Multiple Languages
[IMG]Search & Find Phrases
Security Built-In
[IMG]SSL Application Ready
[IMG]Session Hijack Protection
[IMG]Database Injection Protection
[IMG]URL Manipulation Protection
[IMG]Multiple Debug Mode Levels
[IMG]Passwords Triple Salted
[IMG]Registration via Proxy Protection
[IMG]Security CAPTCHA Code Protection
[IMG]Email MX Record Validity Protection
[IMG]Failed Sign-in Authentication Archival
[IMG]Encrypted URL Variable Protection
[IMG]GeoIP IP Technology Tools Included
Permission Management
[IMG]Add Unlimited Permissions to Scale
[IMG]Add Unlimited User Roles
[IMG]Add Unlimited Membership Plans
[IMG]Customize Username Output on Roles
[IMG]Recurring Payments via Memberships
[IMG]Bulk Migrate User Memberships Plans
Customize using API hooks
[IMG]Add Custom HTML Without Core Edits
[IMG]Add Custom PHP Without Core Edits
[IMG]Create Custom Apps & Plug-ins
[IMG]All Custom Code Sit in XML Files
[IMG]Optimized Hook Engine for Speed
[IMG]Advanced HTML Conditionals Syntax
[IMG]Sell Apps & Plug-ins on ILance!
Selling Features
[IMG]Digital Download Supported
[IMG]Image Gallery & Youtube Video Support
[IMG]Featured Listing Placement
[IMG]Custom Question Fields Per Category
[IMG]Automated Selling Reminders
[IMG]Public Selling Profile
[IMG]Advanced Skills Manager
[IMG]Selling Activity Manager
Auction Listings
[IMG]Escrow Accounts Supported
[IMG]Listing Enhancements (Bold, Highlight)
[IMG]Secure Escrow Manager
[IMG]Multiple Payment Gateway Support
[IMG]Auto Re list
[IMG]Reserve Price
[IMG]Buy Now / Fixed Price
[IMG]Multiple Item Upload
[IMG]Advanced HTML Editor for Descriptions
[IMG]Non-Profit Listings Supported
[IMG]Save as Draft
[IMG]Realtime Event Schedule
[IMG]Reserve price

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