This hack will email a warning to members who have not activated their account and then delete them. It can run via cron, and is a pretty darn easy hack to install.

1. Emails users after 3 days and reminds them to activate their accounts.

2. Emails users after 5 days and lets them know their account will be deleted if they do not activate.

3. Emails users after 8 days with a final warning.

4. Deletes un-activated members after 10 days.
it still does exactly the same but this time for vb3

oh yeah, it emails you to tell you who was deleted, emailed so you're always informed.

if you got a big board you can't live without this, it stops the crap from piling up.

anything messes up, i can't take responsibility i'm afraid so back up before you try it.

and now like the days of our youth where everything was free and our mum would have dinner on the table for us, you're done.

this was a fantastic vb2 hack and was made with blood, sweat and tears by Amy, she deserves all the credit for doing a fantastic job and then giving me permission to release this, so please if you install this should your gratitude in her direction as without her it would've been impossible.

v2.x Contributors Include: Boofo, psico, sv1cec and jlurken
v3.x Contributors Include: Paul M

UPDATED: now 3.6 compliant, though needs to be tested quickly to confirm this, it'll either work or it won't but it won't cause your system any problems. BUT IT DEFINATELY WORKS PROBLEM FREE ON ALL 3.5.X INSTALLATIONS. Also note new option for turning on the adminemail in the admincp vboptions bit.

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